Insolvency Law From Personal to Corporate

Our expertise covers all areas of insolvency law from personal to corporate and partnership dealing with both contentious and non-contentious issues including advising:

  • Trustees in bankruptcy on all aspects of bankruptcy including realising interests in property, obtaining information and documents, suspension of automatic discharge, preferences, transactions at an undervalue, annulment and transactions defrauding creditors;
  • Supervisors of individual, partnership, and company voluntary arrangements, drafting proposals, dealing with default and petitioning;
  • Liquidators on all aspects of liquidations including sales of assets, retention of title, recovery of assets, obtaining information and documentation, validation orders, disclaimer and vesting orders, wrongful trading, preference, transactions at an undervalue, competing security issues, claims against directors, security for costs and disqualification issues;
  • Administrators on all aspects of administrations including competing secured creditor’s interests, appointment, sale of business and assets, and applications to court for direction;
  • Individuals, partnerships, and companies (including directors) on all aspects of distressed situations whether or not any formal insolvency follows;
  • Secured creditors on enforcement options in both insolvency and non-insolvency situations;
  • Unsecured creditors on issuing winding up and bankruptcy petitions in respect of unpaid debts;
  • Directors on duties prior to formal insolvency and afterwards on claims by office holders and on disqualification;
  • Guarantors on defences including undue influence;
  • Individual debtors on applications to set aside statutory demands;
  • Company debtors on applications to restrain issuing and/or advertisement of winding up petitions;
  • Dealing with disputed and defended petitions generally; and
  • Third parties on claims to property in bankruptcy situations, including arguments on trusts and the equity of exoneration.